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Days Outing With the Girls!

   I got to spend today with our comm! Here are some pics!
It was really fun! We went to a lot of high end stores, including a very nice
French chocolate shop that had macarons!
A lot of people complemented us and asked to take our pictures :)
It was a wonderful day <3



Cavities of the Human Body

Today, I am going to post about my understanding of the major cavities of the human body. A cavity is a hollow area inside of the body, one example being your nasal cavities, which are hallowed out areas in your skull behind the nose. The nasal cavity warms/cools and humidifies the air you breath as it passes from the nose, through the nasal cavities and into your lungs. The nasal cavities also assist in the acoustics of our voices (plugging your nose while you talk is an example of this) and lighten our skulls (since they are pockets filled with air) so our heads are not unbearably heavy.

     However, the major cavities I am going to be talking about today are not hollow such as our nasal cavities, but function as vessels to hold our essential organs and tissues necessary for life. To do this, I need to explain some medical terminology along the way.

     Imagine a line that splits your body into two halves; the front and the back. The medical term for "front" I am going to use is "Ventral", and the medical term for "back" I am going to use is "Dorsal".

     The Dorsal Cavity consists of two cavities: The Cranial Cavity, located in your head, contains the brain and the pituitary gland. The Spinal Cavity runs down your back and is protected by your vertebrae, contains the spinal cord.

     The Ventral Cavity (remember, "ventral" means "frontal") consists of 3 physically separated cavities, but in Anatomy, we divide one of them, thus ending up with 4 different ventral cavities. The first cavity is the Thoracic Cavity (which has two additional cavities inside of it). The word "thoracic" is Latin for "pertaining to the chest". The Thoracic Cavity contains the Pleural Cavity, and the Mediastinum. The Mediastinum contains the Pericardial Cavity. Pleural means "pertaining to the lungs", Mediastinum means "pertaining to the medial line and narrowed area", and Pericardial means "pertaining to surrounding the heart." Next is the Abdominal Cavity, which is self explainitory. The last cavity is the Pelvic cavity, pelvic meaning "pertaining to the pelvis", aka hip bones. In the human body, the Abdominal and Pelvic cavities are actually one cavity, and together are referred to as the Abdominopelvic Cavity.

     I know, it's a little bit confusing at first. Below, I'm going to place all of these in an outline which will demonstrate these cavities relation to one another as well as what organs and tissues each cavity contains, and after that, I pinky promise to post a pretty picture :)

Cavities Within the Human Body
I.. Dorsal Cavity
   A. Cranial Cavity ----> Brain & Pituitary Gland
   B. Spinal Cavity -----> Spinal Cord
II. Ventral Cavity
   A. Thoracic Cavity
       1. Pleural Cavity ----> Lungs
       2. Mediastinum ----> Bronchial tubes (split off trachea and carry air into lungs), trachea (breathing tube), esophagus (eating/drinking             tube), thymus gland, lots of lymph nodes and the Pericardial Cavity.
           a. Pericardial Cavity ----> Heart
   B. Abdominal Cavity ----> Kidneys, stomach, spleen, liver, small and large intestines, pancreas and gallbladder.
   C. Pelvic Cavity  -----> Contains portions of the small and large intestines, rectum, urinary bladder, urethra (tube leading from bladder to outside the body), ureters (two tubes leading from kidneys to bladder), and the uterus and vagina in females.

    See? That was not that hard! And here is that picture I promised you:

Thanks guys! Have a good week!


* The Thoracic Cavity and Abdominal Cavities are separated by a thin muscle called the Diaphragm, which contracts and relaxes to control breathing.
* The Abdominal and Pelvic cavities are actually one cavity, called the Abdominopelvic Cavity.
 A lot has happened. I'm in college, I'm 20 now, I'm pre-med. So far, after one semester, I have 20 credit hours completed with a 3.4 GPA; as you can tell, I am loving my studies and rushing through college as quickly as I can :) After this summer semester is over, I will have 25 credit hours completed.

     With school, my mother's health, and some mental issues as my primary priority, I have not hardly been online. At all.

     So, with this being said, it is time to re-vamp and update this journal as well as the rest of my page! So here, have some pictures.
Sorry the entry could not be any longer, I still have to get dressed and take my mother up to her doctor's appointment.


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